Power back-up systems provide uninterruptible power and security where we there is frequent outages from grid power.. Many organizations and people have small UPS systems for their computers, but few realize that systems are also available for businesses with continuous operations. There’s no longer a need to lose revenue, convenience, comfort or security.
Power back-up systems are cost-effective, simple and easy to use. They do not require manual start-up but automatically switches the systems on within milliseconds of a blackout enabling all electronics or appliances running without missing a beat. Solar or wind energy can easily be added to make this the ultimate power back-up systems. kenya Solar can provide power back-up systems to a myriad of applications – Commercial, Marine, Small Business, Industrial, Residential and Telecommunication Centers.
The cost of power protection can be easily paid for in one power outage. Unfortunately, utility power providers are also helpless as they simply cannot keep up with the demand to supply back-up power.


  • Functions as an extended run power back-up system, standalone power source
  • Automatic power support for blackouts and brownouts
  • Continuous output power based on the system design and requirement
  • Battery runtime is dependent upon the size and number of batteries
  • Frequency control for operating stability
  • Automatically transfers from AC power to battery backup and vice-versa
  • Allows unlimited runtime capability by allowing the use any number of batteries
  • Given the increased demand that we constantly place on our aging grid system, preparation is the only solution and well warranted!


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