Light up your outdoors using solar power

Alternative energy is quickly becoming the better option for many home owners despite the initial cost of setting up the system.

Research has shown that although the cost of switching to these unconventional power sources may be high initially, in the long run, you end up saving quite a substantial amount of money.

Alternative energy reduces a homeowner’s reliance on power from the national grid which can be erratic when you need it most. It also saves them money and provides a better back up power solution in case of outages.

To back its importance, the government in 2012 published the Energy (Solar Water Heating) Regulations in a gazette notice which makes it mandatory for developers and home owners to install solar water heating systems in their properties.

Late last year, the energy regulator followed up with a notice to the Kenya Power warning the distributor on connecting new buildings and homes to the power grid, unless they comply with the renewable energy guidelines.

The rules require commercial and residential buildings tapping power from the national grid to install solar water heaters. The provision allows only compliant properties to be connected to the national electricity grid.

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