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Solar street lamps plan unveiled for counties to reduce crime

Solar powered street lights will be installed countrywide to reduce crime rates. Lap Trust chief executive Hosea Kili said in Naivasha that the lights would help national and county governments to cut costs in power production and supply. The solar powered street light cost Sh120,000 each with a 20-metre high post and includes a solar […]

Solar technology delivers refrigeration to off-grid areas

Solar power is increasingly becoming fashionable, meaning that people living off the electricity grid can still share the joys of previously unfathomable technology. Among the recent technologies gaining currency in the Kenyan market are solar fridges and freezers. A solar-powered refrigerator runs on electricity generated from the sun. The cooler operates with a compressor powered directly […]

Solar kits to boost war on malaria

A group of local and foreign researchers have developed a plan to eradicate malaria from a Kenyan island without using insecticides. The solar powered mosquito trap is part of a three-in-one idea that will also provide residents of Rusinga Island with sustainable electricity. Each house is fitted with a rooftop solar panel, two light fixtures […]

Study on green energy in counties set to start

The Energy Ministry is carrying out a study to determine how much renewable power is used among the 47 counties. Using this data, the ministry intends to develop a plan in the devolution of energy services to county governments, in a bid to promote renewable power. On Wednesday, the ministry published a notice inviting tenders […]

Light up your outdoors using solar power

Alternative energy is quickly becoming the better option for many home owners despite the initial cost of setting up the system. Research has shown that although the cost of switching to these unconventional power sources may be high initially, in the long run, you end up saving quite a substantial amount of money. Alternative energy […]